Our Old Parking Meters including Rockwell and duncan

Duncan Parking Meters

A Silver Duncan Parking Meter

While all parking meters are attractive here is an exceptionally built parking meter style, (Duncan).  $120 plus shipping.

Meters can all look different like these.

Two Rockwell parking meters one white and red and the other is all red.

These Rockwell parking meters are $100 each plus shipping. Dirt cheap for collectibles and antique meters.

POW Duncan parking meter and red Duncan parking meter

One Army olive green Duncan meter and one red Duncan parking meter.

One hard to find POW Duncan parking meter $140 plus shipping.  The red Duncan parking meter is $120 plus shipping.

Double Duncan parking meters

Photo of double Duncan parking meters

Double Duncan parking meters are $260 plus shipping.

Gas pumps for sale too

Photo of several gas pumps

Do you like original collectibles such as gas pumps? We have antique gas pumps and they are restored beautifully.  Prices vary. 

Rockwell parking meter

Black and white Rockwell parking meter

This meter is $120 plus shipping.

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You will never meet three guys like this again. From left to right is old Ron in the hat, young Ron and his son. There hobby is parking meters and petroliana collectibles.

Photo of a silver Duncan parking meter

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Old Parking Meters

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Parking Meter Commercial

We sold the Duncan Meters in this commercial to the company that did the filming. We have also sold meters that are in several movies such as Hairspray.